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The ultimate laser meter | LASER SCALE

The ultimate laser meter | LASER SCALE

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High-quality device designed for accurate internal measurements

  • Laser precision at your fingertips
  • A combination of versatility and precision
  • Easy measurement in imperial or metric units

The perfect partner for diverse measurement needs

Switch effortlessly between vertical, horizontal and intersecting laser lines and easily adapt to any task.

Air Bubbles
Integrated spirit level indicators for 0°, 90° and 45° angles ensure perfectly level surfaces, leading to flawless results.

Compact design
Thanks to the ingenious and compact design, transporting the LASERVAGA laser is a breeze.

Technical Specifications

Material: Silicon, ABS

Put an end to inaccurate measurements

For outdoor tasks
Made from premium materials, this tool will stand up to the toughest tasks and challenges.

Ease of installation
Reduce setup time with quick and uncomplicated controls, allowing you to focus on what's really important - performing tasks with quality and precision.

Easy on and off:
Using a simple switch to control the laser light saves energy and extends the tool's battery life.

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