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SpitShark Electric Water Soaker™

SpitShark Electric Water Soaker™

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SpitShark Electric Water Soaker™ – the ultimate summer delight for kids! Watch as they enjoy endless fun, dousing each other with streams of water using this powerful high-pressure pistol. Ideal for beach days, pool parties, or any outdoor water escapade, this large-sized pistol is designed for easy gripping and shooting. With a vibrant array of colours to choose from, kids can select their preferred shade. Equip your kids for an exciting season of water warfare – Get the SpitShark Electric Water Soaker™ now!

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh (rechargeable via USB)
Water Tank Capacity: 550ml
Effective Range: 10m
Maximum Range: 12m

This high-tech aqua arsenal is designed for maximum soaking satisfaction. With a handle that fits snugly in your grip, the SpitShark Electric Water Soaker™️ is a symphony of ergonomic brilliance. Its trigger, a gateway to aquatic mayhem, responds to your every command with a satisfying squish. Just squeeze and watch as a watery wonderstorm erupts, catching your opponents in a deluge of liquid laughter.


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