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Special welding and cutting mask (anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, anti-dust)

Special welding and cutting mask (anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, anti-dust)

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  • ✅ 【OPTICAL EYE PROTECTION ] The welding shield is safe and efficient thanks to intelligent filters that protect your eyes from intense welding glare. The fully automatic UV / IR protection always complies with DIN 16 standards, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful light generated during the welding process and better adapting to different environments.

  • [Ultra comfortable] The welding helmet is lighter than similar products, which greatly reduces the burden on the cervical spine during work and ensures comfort even after long use. Dynamically adjustable headband with breathable padding provides a perfect fit, comfort and adaptability.

    • Suitable for a variety of work environments: Recommended for use in automotive, construction, food and beverage, metal manufacturing and fabrication, military maintenance, repair and operations (MRO), mining, oil and gas, transportation and more.

    • Smart, practical and economical: green light lens technology allows welders to adapt to different work environments by controlling the lens tint.

  • 【LONG- LASTING DURABILITY】 The auto-darkening welding mask is made of impact-resistant PC material, shock-resistant and flame-resistant.


    • Material: PC
    • Weight: 230g
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