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SmartPray™ - Educational Prayer Mat: Explore Prayer Interactively

SmartPray™ - Educational Prayer Mat: Explore Prayer Interactively

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The interactive way of learning is the most effective for young children!

An interactive prayer mat designed to engage children in the art of prayer through innovative technology and educational design.

With cutting-edge technology and educational design, the Educational Prayer Mat offers a unique learning experience that enhances children's understanding of prayer. This smart prayer mat is not only functional but also safe and user-friendly.

✅ Immerse yourself in enlightened learning
Immerse yourself in an immersive learning experience with the Educational Prayer Mat, the first educational prayer mat revolutionizing children's engagement in prayer.

✅ Nourishes Young Hearts and Minds
Nourish children's spiritual development with the Educational Prayer Mat, guiding them on a path of understanding and respect through interactive prayer sessions.

Unleash Curiosity, Embrace Faith
Encourage exploration and deepen faith with Educational Prayer Mat, allowing children to embrace the essence of prayer in a dynamic and enriching way.

✅ Makes Learning Joyful
Turn prayer education into a delightful adventure with the Educational Prayer Mat, where interactive features and engaging content make learning a joyful experience for children.


  • 7 Different Languages
  • 36 Sensitive Keys
  • Pray the 5 Daily Prayers
  • Waterproof Material
  • Recitation of the Quran
  • Size: 70x110cm

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