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Self-adhesive film for the protection of walls and furniture | FOILPROTECT

Self-adhesive film for the protection of walls and furniture | FOILPROTECT

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You can easily install the transparent self-adhesive film on any smooth surface to provide long-lasting protection for your home and prevent damage!

  • The surface of this product is self-adhesive.
  • Provides protection against dents, scratches and stains and can be used on tiles, slabs and various types of furniture.
  • You can customize the film with inscriptions or drawings to match your desired decor.
  • The size of the film can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • It is water resistant and withstands high temperatures.
  • After removal it leaves no traces of glue.
  • Each package contains a protective film.

This protector is virtually invisible thanks to its transparent design, making it suitable for any room without covering up patterns or inscriptions.

Thanks to its self-adhesive surface, this film can be installed anywhere instantly and at no additional cost!

This film can be placed on any flat and smooth surface, such as a counter, table or tile, as it is extremely versatile in its application.

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The package contains:

1x Protective adhesive film


60×300 cm






To install the film correctly, it is essential to thoroughly clean the selected substrate beforehand. The size of the film can be adjusted with scissors. During assembly, the support must be moistened with a mixture of water and neutral soap. To ensure even application, use a ruler or scraper to eliminate any bubbles. Careful and precise application is strongly recommended to avoid the formation of creases or air bubbles. Any creases or air bubbles that do occur will typically disappear within a few days. For optimal adhesion we recommend waiting a few days before cleaning the film. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to remove the protective film layer before installation.

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