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Photochromic Anti-fog helmet film

Photochromic Anti-fog helmet film

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With heavy rainfall in the summer, it is extremely dangerous to ride a motorcycle with an obstructed view!

Fog in cold weather also affects riding.

With this WATERPROOF & ANTI FOG FILM, you are no longer afraid to see clearly!

When water falls on the surface of the filter, like water falling on a lotus leaf, it slides off quickly and keeps a clear view.undefined

The non-fog design of the patch prevents hot air from adhering to the helmet lens, allowing it to be safely discharged from the lens. 


No more fog helmets!

 Waterproof anti-fog film makes the contact area of water, dust and other dirt with the lens smaller at an angle of 110 degrees, so that it is not easy to adhere to the surface of the lens, so the surface will be more polished, increasing the function of waterproof, anti-fog, etc. 

【Install Outside】- WATERPROOF   

【Install Inside】- ANTI-FOG  

【Anti-fog film on the inside, waterproof film on the outside.】



Adaptability - This motorcycle helmet film is made of high quality plastic and is durable. It is a universal board and is suitable for most motorcycle standard sun visors. Suitable for full helmets, half helmets, and open helmets.


Its unique design makes it easy to install on the outer surface of the helmet visor, thus ensuring excellent waterproof/rain and anti-glare performance.

High Quality - This motorcycle helmet waterproof lens film uses high quality materials to achieve better optical clarity and lower distortion, and more wear resistance. Anti-fog mirror insertion is your first choice.
Anti-fog visor insert - high quality material,better optical clarity with lower distortion,more abrasion resistant.


Suitable for most motorcycle standard visor/shield,anti-fog lens insert.

  • Applicable brand:Motorcycle general
  • Material:PP film
  • Weight:90g
  • Size:(245X85MM)
  • Color:Transparent color
  • Package:1/3/5 pc x Helmet insert film(Scratch card*1+Dust removal stickers*1+wet and dry wipes*1)


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