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No Waste Cooking Pots x Mystery Cooking Game

No Waste Cooking Pots x Mystery Cooking Game

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Welcome aboard! Crowd Cookware is all about co-creating every single product together with our 30.000 backers across the globe. After 7 successful Kickstarter campaigns, it’s time for a new adventure: Cook, Play & Conserve.

We all know the common behavior of storing cookware with leftover food directly into the fridge. Thanks to our sleek, stackable and unique patented lid these leftovers stay longer fresh.

Just simply press the lid into the cooking pot. The air will leave thanks to the pressure valve. The pressure valve will automatically seal the cooking pot airtight. Now your cooking pot has transformed into a storage container which allows you to conserve your leftovers for several days longer.`

Thanks to the flat design of the lids, the cooking pots effortlessly fit into the fridge, optimizing storage capacity and convenience.

On behalf of the Crowd Cookware community that joined the design process:

A culinary pirate mission: Unlocking Captain Cook’s Magical Recipes

At Crowd Cookware, we not only want to provide you with the perfect cooking tools but also want you to enjoy cooking together with friends and family. That's why we, together with our crowd, came up with a unique cooking adventure.

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