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Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump

Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump

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Do you need to fill up your car/bike/generator? šŸš–

IntroducingĀ Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump

Just one push & you can pump petrol, diesel, water, or other liquids OUT/INTO the tank!

Emergency Lifesaver

Experience the convenienceĀ & peace of mind with Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump.

It ensures seamless liquid transfer in times of emergencies, making it a must-have for any crisis.

Efficient Liquid Transfer

It facilitates quickĀ & efficient transfer of liquids between containers.

Wide applications

It is useful in garages, aquariums, basements, bathrooms, shops, or courtyards to transferĀ any non-corrosive liquid.


It is suitable for various liquids, including water, fuel, oil,Ā &Ā non-corrosiveĀ chemicals.


It reduces the timeĀ & effort required for manual liquid transfer.

Mess-Free Operation

It minimizes the risk of spillsĀ & messes associated with manual pouring.

Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer PumpĀ can helpĀ & save you the painĀ & the mess.

Why Are People LovingĀ Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump?

āœ… With an auto-buzzer, it notifies you when the pump stopsĀ & has an auto-stop function to prevent leaksĀ & overflows.

āœ…Ā Ease of Use: User-friendly design for straightforward operation, requires minimal effort.

āœ…Ā Portable: CompactĀ & lightweight, making it easy to transportĀ & use in different locations.

āœ…Ā Prevents Waste: Allows precise control over liquid flow, preventing over-pouringĀ & waste.

How to Use?

āœ”ļø Step 1. Insert two AA-size batteries (Not Included)
āœ”ļøĀ Step 2. Insert the tube into a container (Gas Can or Container with Fuel)
āœ”ļøĀ Step 3.Ā Place theĀ discharge hose into the receiving end
āœ”ļøĀ Step 4. Flip the power switch to start On
āœ”ļøĀ Step 5. To stop the flow, flip the power switch Off

Product Specification

šŸ‘‰šŸ¼ Package includes:Ā 1 x Macadveā„¢ Handheld Liquid Transfer Pump
šŸ‘‰šŸ¼Ā Material:Ā PP + PE + Acetal
šŸ‘‰šŸ¼Ā Overall length:Ā 55 cm/ 21.7 inches
šŸ‘‰šŸ¼Ā Weight:Ā 300 g
šŸ‘‰šŸ¼Ā Powered by:Ā 2 x D batteries (not included)

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