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KOLI--Multifunctional Mini Vacuum Cleaner Master

KOLI--Multifunctional Mini Vacuum Cleaner Master

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Portability was an important part of our design, and we've tried to keep the KOLI as small as possible while still maintaining performance - we can't say it's the smallest hoover, but we've made it smaller! At just 0.196lb (89g), you can take it with you wherever you go!

Everywhere you look in life, there are dusty corners where KOLI is useful!

Despite its compact size, the KOLI can achieve a suction power of 3.5K PA and has a vortex-like suction effect that captures most of the dust and rubbish.

Easily adsorbed

The strong suction power allows KOLI to be easily adsorbed on a variety of flat surfaces!

The four models of inflation nozzles equipped on the insert easily switch to the air pump mode to handle various inflation tasks quickly and easily.

The inflatable mode can meet most of the inflatable devices in daily office life, whether it is a pillow or a backrest, for your comfortable office experience! Say goodbye to manual inflation and inflate easily!

The vacuum function not only meets the use of common compression bags on the market, but you can also try to extract a vacuum for your lunch or fruit to extend the insurance time, and continue to enjoy it when appropriate!

The KOLI hoover comes with a replaceable filter cartridge that blocks and attracts fine particles, ensuring long-lasting protection of the movement while cleaning! The one-touch operation and compact size make it suitable for users of all ages. The transparent dust container makes it easy to monitor the capacity of the dust container and know when it is time to empty it.

In our daily life, the ubiquitous dust often causes us headaches, and a lightweight vacuum cleaner is especially important. However, most of the products are not portable and can only be placed in one place, even with a layer of dust. That's why we have developed KOLI, a portable vacuum cleaner, which not only has the function of inflating, vacuuming and lighting! We believe that you must lack such a product in your life!

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