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Immortal Dragon Breath Lighter

Immortal Dragon Breath Lighter

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A reliable lighter ideal for camping!

 Ideal for camping – This lighter is convenient to have when camping, hiking or grilling outdoors for various needs or emergencies.

 Easy to use – Light the fire by simply striking it with a permanent match.

 Waterproof – It is made of metal with a tightly closed cap that protects the lighter in wet and rainy conditions.

 Long life - Use it at least 10,000 times, it has quality quartz.

 Refillable – When empty, fill with lighter fluid (not included).

 The package contains – 2 lighters, one bronze and one silver.

A pocket lighter that never runs out!

If you like to camp, it is important that you equip yourself for every situation, even an emergency . First of all, make sure you can start a fire if it's raining and everything is wet.   Take this quality waterproof lighter with you.

This lighter is reliable for all outdoor activities such as hiking, barbecuing or camping in a tent. Very practical for attaching to backpacks, keys or zips.

The lighter has a container with an outer side with quartz and a permanent match with a wick. Wait for the cotton wick to absorb the liquid into the lighter , and then you can easily start the fire.

Fill the container with lighter fluid when you need it, and you will use the lighter more than 10,000 times. The package contains two lighters in silver and bronze with stylish engraved steel.


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