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Grill Bag

Grill Bag

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Grilling vegetables, shrimp, fish and meat is very easy!

A grilling pouch, typically made of heat-resistant aluminum foil, is a convenient tool used for cooking a variety of ingredients on the barbecue grill, ensuring moist and hassle-free grilling.

 Prevents food from falling through the grates –Equipped with quick-close buttons to ensure that not even the smallest pieces of food escape and fall between the grates.

 Easily turn and season food– There is no need to individually season and turn vegetables, meat, shrimp, etc. Simply season the food in the grill bag and turn all the food at the same time. This guarantees even cooking of the food.

 Keeps the grill clean– The non-stick grill bag prevents food from sticking to the grill, which keeps it clean.

 Washable and reusable– Wash the grill bag by hand or place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

 Heat-resistant and durable– Made of high-quality PTFE material, safe to use and environmentally friendly, which resists heat up to 300°C.

 Large Bag Size– The grill bag size is 27cm x 22cm. It can contain vegetables, large pork chops, chicken wings, fish and more.

No more food stuck to the grill!

Everything tastes better when cooked on a grill , but grilling some foods can be extremely difficult and unpleasant. Vegetables can easily fall through the grates and turning them one by one takes a long time .

The grill bag makes grilling vegetables, shrimp and meat easy ! Food will no longer stick to the grill or fall through the grates . Flipping and seasoning now only takes a few seconds , which ensures that all food is cooked evenly .

Simply place the food in the grill bag, seal it and place it on the grill. When you're done, wash it by hand or place it in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

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